myFresha-licious: Sweet & Soft Loaf Bread

Sweet & Soft Loaf Bread

My husband bought me a bread machine (Philips HD9040) last Monday  He’d been convincing me for days to have a bread machine at home.  He was so importunate that he’d been nagging me to say yes.  I did, eventually.  The price was at a bargain (I’m not saying :D ) making it a good buy.  Non-branded bread machines like the red man brand from Phoon huat costs around SG$ 135 ++ and the original price of a Philips bread machine HD 9040 is +/- SG$ 250.  Of course it’s not only because it was cheap that I agreed for him to buy one but it was my husband’s “sales pitch” that got me thinking and so I finally agreed. Well, Frederick’s convincing “sales pitch” was “Dear, if we have a bread machine, we can bake your favorite cinnamon bread anytime you want”  Just like that and I was sold to his plan of getting a bread machine (Marco and Ais also bought one :-) )

What makes a good “bread machine” bread?  A good recipe.  Of course, everything boils down to a good recipe regardless if one is making a cake, a dish, or even just a simple lemonade. And a good recipe is something that you can do again with the same consistency.  It’s all about the right if not perfect recipe that is made to ones liking, pleasurable or just merely acceptable to one’s palate, and also of course, suited for the equipment available for cooking / baking / roasting / grilling / etc. – like this bread machine. And that is my quest, our quest (my husband Frederick and I) everytime we experiment on any dish/bread/cake/etc..
Anyway, this recipe is meant for “enseymada” but since this is my first time to use this bread machine, I need to do some experimentation first before I do the “enseymada” so I’d know what and how to adjust my recipe as necessary. First I have to know the amount of water/liquid I can use, how’s the gluten development of the dough using this bread machine, and of course how my recipe is going to work on this bread machine and of course if the brands of the ingredients I’m using is ok or not specially the bread and all purpose flour.

I went on with the experiment and the result is….. I have two results since I made two loaves, with one I baked inside a conventional oven and the other one I baked with the bread machine.  I only used the bread machine to do the mixing and kneading of the dough :-) The first loaf which I baked in the oven was soft and stayed soft for two days but the the texture of the crumb, of course is not as good as those loaf bread we buy from the supermarkets or bakeries who use good industrial bread mixers (:-( envious). The gluten did not develop properly, that’s the reason behind.

The one below is the loaf I baked in the oven. Please don’t mind the appearance of the crust, I know, it’s like a skin with portruding polyps but believe me they are not. And despite its outer appearance, the bread tasted good.  It’s just that I didn’t shape nor mold the dough.  I just cut that part and dump it in the baking pan, proof it and baked it in the oven.  My bad, I know. But I was tired and sick when I baked these loaves, you know, we just got back from Singapore General hospital for my check up with a gastroenterologist.

baked in the oven

The one below is the loaf I baked inside the bread machine.  It was over-mixed and over-proofed.  I made a lot of bloopers using the bread machine for the first time.  I actually over mixed this loaf. I mixed it three times even after proofing it. It was an accident since I am still not familiar with the functions of the bread machine that I keep on pressing the wrong functions :-( .  After the proofing process, I am suppose to be pressing the “bake only” function but I keep on pressing other functions resulting to, well, mixing again. I’ve done that twice.  anyway, The loaf is soft and stayed soft for 2 days and as expected, the crumb did not look good  .

The taste of the two loaves also differs from one another, though they came from just one big dough, but because the fermentation time of the second loaf is longer (it had undergone proofing-mixing-proofing-mixing-proofing) the flavor is stronger and better. And what amazed me is that despite the “bloopers” I made for this loaf, the bread still rouse to a good height.  Thanks to the super tex bread improver.

What I’ve learned and what Iwill do next time?

1. The longer the fermentation, the flavor becomes stronger and more intense
2.  Super tex is a good bread improver too
3. Using the bread machine, it’s difficult to develop gluten with the amount of dough from my recipe below so I will just do half of the recipe next time. Oh, i will just do a recipe with a total dough weight of 1,000 g. May be with a smaller batch of dough, I would be able to get a well developed gluten to get a better crumb texture .
4. Our bread machine is only meant for mixing :-)  I prefer doing things manually than relying on equipments to do everything. I still have my two powerful hands and an ingenious brain :D

Anyway, my recipe below is very versatile.  It can be used to make other variety of sweet breads like soft dinner rolls, soft savory breads, cinnamon bread, ensaymada, etc.  Though both loaves did not come out as fluffy as I wanted it to be, the bread is soft and moist even after 2 days
Here is my actual recipe.  No adjustment made on the ingredients :-) I made adjustments though on the processes.

oops… I need to wear my contact lens or eye glasses when baking otherwise, I might be pressing the wrong functions again :D that’s number 5.

Ingredients : 

Baker’s percentage
Weight in grams
Egg, whole
Bread Flour
All Purpose Flour
Saf Instant Yeast
Super Tex Bread improver
Butter & Margarine
Potato, cooked and mashed
Total dough weight
2,010 g.

Baking Procedure:

Yield  :  4 loaves
Fermentation   : 60 minutes
Scale                 : 500 g per loaf (though I made 2 loaves only)
Proofing            : 60 minutes
Baking in oven : 160 deg celcius for 20-25 minutes
Bread Machine : press “bake only” function and set baking time to 60 minutes

1. Put all the ingredients in the bread machine.  Press the “dough” function and let the bread machine do the mixing and the kneading.
2. Cut and scale.  I made 2 loaves using this recipe.  One loaf I baked in the oven and the other, I baked it in the bread machine.
     Using  the oven : 
– Grease a rectangular pan
– Roll the dough in a log shape and place it on the pan.
– Proof for 60 minutes
– Preheat oven and bake loaf 160 deg celcius for 20-25 minutes or until the crust turned brown

     Using the bread machine :
– Roll the dough in a log shape and place it inside the bread machine pan
– Proof for 60 minutes
– press “bake only” function on the bread machine and set baking time to 60 minutes until the crust turned brown to your liking.