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Steamed Herbed Cod Fish

We usually storm Giant hypermarket if we plan on hoarding fishes as they sell fishes and other fresh vegetables at a cheaper price as compared to NTUC (fairprice), shop & save, much more at cold storage.  We just got back from Vivo City and guess what we lug back from Giant hypermarket?  Atlantic cod fish fillet which we bought at about $9 for a big slice.  It was on promotion.  We usually don’t buy cod fish since it is way too expensive.  We prefer buying salmon over it.  But since it was on promotion, we decided to give it a shot 🙂 We also bought two packs of my husband’s favorite saba mackerel.  Now, it’s our problem how to fit all these stuff in the freezer 🙁

Anyway, I cooked the cod fish fillet for supper and here is a simple steamed recipe for this nutritiously oily and high-in-omega3 white fish.  I’ll try to grill it or bake it next time provided the cod fish is in promotion again 🙂


Cod fish fillet – 1 to 2 slices
Rosemary leaves, ground and dried
Basil leaves, ground and dried
Oregano leaves, ground and dried
Olive oil
Salt and ground black pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Rub salt and ground black pepper on all sides of the cod fish fillet.  Let stand for at least 30 minutes
2.  lay the fish fillet out on an aluminum foil. 
3.  Drizzle each sides of the fish fillet with olive oil then sprinkle each sides with the mixed herbs. 
4.  Wrap the aluminum foil around the cod fish and seal it. 
5.  Steam the fish for at least 30 minutes.

The cod fish is lovely and tasted really good.  Too bad we have no mayonnaise or any creamy sauce available.  I’d love it with garlic-mayo dip or garlic-wasabi-mayo dip.  I’ll have those dips next time I make this dish again 🙂

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