myFresha-licious: No Cook Pizza Sauce

No Cook Pizza Sauce

This is an easy and very simple pizza sauce that will not drain your energy as it doesn’t require cooking.  All you need is a few strokes of mixing and then off you spread to your favorite pizza dough crust.
This goes well with Italian type of pizza as it blends well with the flavor from the herbs.  We used this with  our Herb Pizza Dough for our veggie pizza.


Tomato Paste – 120 g.
Water, warm – 1 cup
Sugar – 10 g
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cooking Procedure:

1. Mix all the ingredients until they are well blended
2. Let stand for at least an hour before applying on your pizza crust.

Spread a generouse amount of this sauce on your pizza crust and top with your favorite toppings

Can be applied to  three 12”-pizza dough crust with 8 slices per pizza crust.   Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values of this pizza sauce per slice based on the ingredients used. 1 slice = 1 serving

Calories :   6.6  kcal                    Total Fat:  0  g.
Cholesterol : 0  mg.                     Saturated fat :  0 g.
Protein :   0.15 g                          Dietary fiber :  0.3  g.
Sodium :  64.6 mg.                      Carbohydrate :  1.32 g