myFresha-licious: Milk Tea

Milk Tea

Tea, I am talking of the byproduct of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, is a healthier alternative for coffee in terms of it’s caffein content which is lesser in tea.  Tea, not to mention, is also high in anti-oxidant.
Hot tea drink is very comforting specially on cold days and a refreshing cold beverage during hot weathers.

Below is a recipe for milk tea that can be made hot or cold.   We  also have made and posted in this blog a number (and still counting) of tea-based drinks.  Please check the beverages category

Ingredients :

Black Tea – 3 tea bags
Water, hot – 150 ml
Full Cream Milk (hot or cold) – 350 ml
Sugar – 2 tbsp


1.  Steep the tea bags in the hot water (follow directions on how ti steep your tea indicated in the box label).  Remove tea bags after
2.  Hot milk Tea :  heat the milk then add to the tea.  Mix together with the sugar then pour on 2 cups
3.  Cold milk Tea :  use cold milk. Mix the sugar with the warm tea.  Let the tea cool for a while.  In a blender, blend the cold milk and cold tea until the mixture is frothy.  Pour on 2 glasses with ice cubes.
– If you have no blender, just mix the cold milk and tea toget, put it in the fridge and cool it until it’s chilled. Pour on 2 glasses with ice cubes if you want it colder.

Enjoy a frothy smooth and delicious milk tea :-) 

Makes 2 servings . Here’s the estimated Nutritional valuesper serving based on the ingredients used.

Calories :  160 kcal Total Fat:  5.9 g.
Cholesterol :  24.5 mg. Saturated fat :  4.04 g.
Protein :  6 g Dietary fiber :  0 g.
Sodium :  70 g. Carbohydrate :  20.8 g.