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Home-made Ham : My Husband’s First Pork Ham

Frederick’s Home-made Pork Ham
Merry Christmas everyone!
This is the time of the year when everyone should be merry and happy by celebrating the Christmas holidays with their loved ones.  For OFWs like us, make sure you celebrate it with friends 🙂   Take a break from your weight-loss diets. Indulge, eat, and enjoy the festive foods as we only celebrate Christmas once in a year.  Let’s not also forget to be thankful for all the blessings that we have received for the past months and pray for those who are in dire need of help, blessings, maybe even miracles. Let’s help, give and share in our little ways specially for those people who need it most.
This is my 4th Christmas away from home since I came to Singapore.  This is also my husband Frederick’s 4th Christmas outside of the Philippines since he spent the last 3 Christmases in Kinshasa, DR Congo and now in Singapore.  We are happy and thankful that for this Christmas we are spending it together. We are celebrating our first noche buena and Christmas day together, and that’s best gift I have received to date yet.  

There was nothing grand in our celebration: we attended midnight mass in the morning of the 25th; had Noche Buena with our housemates; and Frederick treated me to a splendid and scrumptious buffet lunch at Todai (Marina Bay Sands), and a relaxing 40 minute foot reflexology.  It was a tiring yet very enjoyable Christmas for me and my husband.

For this year’s Noche Buena and Christmas,  Frederick and I had celebrated it with our housemates and friends.   Each family dished out something special for everybody.  Frederick and I prepared our own home-made pork ham, pork sisig,  and a few baked goodies- my fruitcake, rye bread, and brownies (recipes will be posted later on so stay tuned)   Marco and Airene served their own home-made pork ham, baked mac, vegetable lumpia,  fruit salad, etc..  

Yes, we had two home-made pork ham for noche buena 🙂 one prepared and cooked by my husband Frederick and the other by Marco (Airene’s husband) .  And yes, this post is about the home-made pork hams we prepared for noche Buena.

I posted a while back Marco’s recipe for his home-made pork ham  (see Marco’s pork ham recipe here Home-made Ham : Marco’s Pork Ham) In this post, we are featuring Frederick’s home-made pork ham.  Everyone, including me and my husband,  preferred Marco’s pork ham over Frederick’s.  Because, for Marco’s pork ham, the meat is succulent, juicilicious and tender and has the delicious-goodness of pork (yum) as compared to my husband’s which is tough and dry and salty (sowi Dear :D).  Nonetheless, I still like the glaze Frederick used for his ham as compared to Marco’s BUT I still like Marco’s pork ham hehehe.  
For Frederick’s pork ham, he had it marinated for more than 2 weeks as compared to Marco’s  which he marinated overnight only.  If Frederick’s pork ham had been marinated overnight, it might not be salty and the meat’s texture might not be tough and chewy.  Who knows? We’ll try again 🙂

This is my husband’s first attempt at making a home-made pork ham.  Though it turned out unsuccessful, we are still keeping the recipe.  We revised the preparation and cooking process for our future pork-ham cooking again.

Frederick’s Home-made Pork Ham

Here is Frederick’s recipe.  Those with strikethroughs are the original ingredients/measurements which were revised.  For Marco’s home-made pork ham recipe, check this out – Home-made Ham : Marco’s Pork Ham

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Pork Belly – 1 to 2 kg


Pineapple Juice (he used Ceres brand) – 1 L
Sea Salt – 1 cup 1/2 cup
Rum – 120 ml
Brown Sugar – 1/2 cup
Ground black pepper – 1 tsp
Cinnamon Powder – 1/2 tsp
Ascorbic Acid, crushed – 500 mg

Ham glaze check Frederick’s Orange Glaze for Pork Ham

Cooking Procedure:

The cooking procedure below hass already been revised.   Originally, Frederick marinated the pork for more than 2 weeks.  He drained and washed the pork.  He put it in a baking dish, covered with aluminum foil and baked it for 45 minutes. After which he basted it with the orange glaze then baked it, then basted it again.  He did this several times.  The large amount of salt in the marinade plus the long period of marinating it, the pork had probably absorbed too much of the salt and the salt also dehydrated it causing the texture of the meat to be tough and dry.  And, my husband baked his pork ham for a long time in the oven, as a result, whatever remaining moisture in the pork totally evaporated 🙁
So, both of us agreed that we will do this cooking procedure next time:

1. Combine the ingredients for the marinade. Set aside
2.  Remove the skin of the pork then soak  it in the marinade overnight.
3.  Drain the marinade and wash the pork to remove excess salt on its outer part.
4.  Decorate with cloves .
5.  Put it in a baking dish and cover with foil.
6. Bake it for 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius 

7.  Remove from the oven, take out the foil and baste it with the orange glaze.

8.  Return the pork in the oven (do not cover) and cook it for 10 minutes.
9.  Baste with the orange glaze then return to the oven and bake for another 10 minutes
Garnish with pineapples and oranges. Serve and enjoy.

PS:  Nutritional values not available; maybe posted later on.

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