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Home-made Ham : Marco’s Pork Ham

This is Marco’s recipe for his home-made pork ham.  It was moist, juicy, and tasty.  I just didn’t like the sauce that much but I love how the meat was cooked.

I don’t have the exact measurements of the ingredients since, like my husband, he also doesn’t measure ingredients.  He just estimate each ingredients, add more of this and less of that until he gets the right taste he wants.

Here’s his recipe.  You can also try my husband Frederick’s home-made pork ham recipe, check this – Home-made Ham : My Husband’s First Pork Ham

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Pork Rib part – more than 1 kilogram


Tomato catsup
Soy Sauce
Red wine
Calamansi Juice

Cooking Procedure:

1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade except for the calamansi juice and marinade the pork over night.
2.  A few hours before cooking the pork, add the calamansi juice.  According to Marco, the reason he did this is because calamansi or any acidic liquids ken toughen the meat specially when it is soaked on it over night.
3.  Drain the marinade and transfer the pork on a baking dish.  Cover it with aluminum foil.
4. Bake for 45 minutes.  Take out the aluminum foil and drain the excess liquid.
5. Baste pork ham with the any ham glaze of your choice.
6.  Bake it without any cover for 25 minutes more.

Dish out and serve

PS:  no nutrtitional value available.

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