myFresha-licious: Green Tea Leaves & Steamed Rice

Green Tea Leaves & Steamed Rice

Do you want to make your rice more nutritious and richer in anti-oxidants?  Add green tea leaves! 🙂

It was an experiment because I have nothing much to do 🙂 there’s nothing fancy with the taste, which is good because I was hesitant to do this thinking that it will come out bitter and nasty. The taste is still the same rice-taste, starchy and bland, but with a hint of something else which I cannot define.

Here it is.  It is the same way we, Filipinos cook our rice (see Steamed Rice: Filipino Style), I just added green tea leaves. Just that 😉


Jasmine Rice, long or short grain rice can also be used – 2 cups

Fermented Green Tea Leaves (buy from Myanmar Stores) – 15 g.

Water – 2 cups

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Wash the rice once.

2.  Wash the green tea leaves and squeeze it to remove some of its juices.  Dice it and mix it with the rice.

3.  Measure the amount of water needed and place it in the pot.

4.  If you are using a rice cooker, just follow the manual and let it be.

5. If you are using a pot, cook the rice in high heat, when it starts to boil, stir the rice with a laddle so that the rice will be cooked evenly.  Reduce the fire to low.

6.  When the water in the rice almost eveporated, reduce the fire to very very low.  Cook until all the water evaporated leaving behind a well cooked rice.

Serve with any dishes available