myFresha-licious: Double Cheese and Grilled Eggplant Veggie Pizza

Double Cheese and Grilled Eggplant Veggie Pizza

Frederick and I made two flavors of pizza last Friday night (that is exactly one week ago- another delayed posting :-( ).  He made Pineapple-Veggie Pizza on the other half of the pizza dough while I made double cheese and grilled eggplant on the other side.  Reason behind is that, I was not in the mood to have pineapple on my pizza and my husband doesn’t want pizza with no pineapple so we decided to split the pizza in two.  There goes the story.
Here’s my pizza recipe


Ingredients :

Herb Pizza dough (see Herb Pizza Dough )
Pizza sauce – we used No Cook Pizza Sauce


Eggplant, sliced and pan-grilled – 100 g.
Onions, diced and grilled – as desired
Green bell pepper, sliced into small pieces – 20 g.
Button mushroom – 10 g.
Mozzarella, grated – 50 g.
Blue cheese – 20 g.

Cooking Procedure:

1. Prepare pizza dough as per the instruction in the recipe and par-bake it.
2. Prepare pizza sauce as per the instruction in the recipe
3. Spread the pizza sauce evenly on the par-baked pizza dough.
4. Cover with the mozzarella cheese.
5.  Arrange the rest of the ingredients on top, except for the blue cheese:  grilled eggplant first, then onions, then the bell pepper and mushrooms
6.  Sprinkle with the blue cheese. Don’t use a lot as the smell is not appealing
7.  Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

Yields half of a 12″-inch diameter (4 slices) . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values for a slice (based on a 12″ diameter) of pizza crust based on the ingredients used. 1 slice = 1 serving

Calories :   167  kcal Total Fat:  6.18  g.
Cholesterol : 7.01  mg. Saturated fat :  2.99  g.
Protein :   5.53 g Dietary fiber :  2.07  g.
Sodium : 329.85 g. Carbohydrate :  19.72 g