myFresha-licious: Dark Chocolate Truffles

Dark Chocolate Truffles

I was browsing through my old emails when I stumbled upon some chocolate recipes I’ve worked on 2-4 years back when I was still with Puratos Philippines (the last company I worked with in the Philippines).  These recipes are part of the creations of my ex-company’s chocolatiers (Christine Paredes and Krisby Bella)

Yes! Chocolates! One of the best things I am grateful for with Puratos, aside from helping me develop my baking skills, is for introducing me to the world  of great chocolates!!! (They sell one of the world’s best Belgian chocolates – Belcolade) And by great chocolate I mean high quality, both couverture and compound chocolates. Puratos also have compound chocolates – Carat brand.

Here is one of the recipes I have worked on before – Chocolate truffles.
Chocolate truffles are bite-size chocolate confectionery, that looks like truffle fungus  It is traditionally made with a chocolate ganache, formed into a small ball, then coated with a thin layer of chocolate or cocoa.

Ganache is actually a creamy mixture of chocolate and cream where the ratio is 1 part chocolate and 1 part cream by mass (meaning if you use 1 kg of chocolate, you need to use 1 kg of cream).  Being the center of these truffles, the ganache must be thicker and denser, thus we increase the amount of chocolate more than the cream (2 parts chocolate is to 1 part cream will do).  The reason behind this is that the mixture once it cools down will become hard making it easier to mold it into shapes.  The lesser the cream, the better.

A ganache is simply a syrup of chocolate and cream that does not contain enough cream to be liquid at room temperature. Once this mixture cools, it will form a hard ganache that can be molded into shapes.

Chocolate truffle is so easy to prepare at home, believe me.  And you can stock these irresistible, rich and delicious chocolate candies for a month for some comfort munching time (now I’m craving for chocolate truffles).

So here’s how easy it is to make chocolate truffles starting with my favorite – Dark Chocolate Truffles.   Ooops, I forgot to tell you-this is the most crucial part in making chocolate confectioneries- use only couverture chocolates  (the finest and high quality chocolates with very high cocoa butter content (32-39%), when combined with cocoa solid the minimum should be at least 54%)  And oh, please do not compare compound chocolates to couverture chocolates 🙂

Ingredients :

Ganache for the Truffles:
Couverture dark chocolate – 500 g
Heavy whipping Cream (Puratos’ Chantypak) – 250 g.

For the couverture dark chocolate, we used Belcolade C501 (Puratos product) which has a cocoa mass of 56% , you can use something with a cocoa mass of 54%, but if you want it more bitter, you can use the one with a cocoa mass of 70% or higher.  You can also use compound chocolates since they are cheaper :-)

For the heavy whipping cream, you can use either dairy or non-dairy creams just make sure that it will not curdle when it’s heated.

For the coating,  you can choose from either one or all of the following:

Dutch Process Cocoa powder
Ground nuts (I prefer almond,  walnut or hazelnut)
Tempered dark chocolate


1)     If you are using the bar type chocolate, you have to cut it into pieces first using a serrated knife like the sturdy bread knife. This will make it easier for the chocolate to melt.  For a more convenient, no more chocolate-cutting stuff, use the button or coin-like chocolates.
2)     Bring the heavy whipping cream just to a boil over direct fire or using a microwave over –when you start to see small bubbles coming out of the cream, that’s just it- turn off the fire.
3)     Pour the scalded heavy cream onto the chocolate and allow it to sit for a minute then stir.
4)     Stir it until all the chocolates have melted making a smooth creamy blend.
5)     Let it cool down and chill in the refrigerator for an hour or until the mixture has hardened enough to be molded into a ball.
6)     Scoop out a ball of the hardened ganache (use a melon baller or small icecream scoop) then roll it either on the cocoa powder or ground nuts coating.
You can store these truffles in any container (they won’t be sticking with each other)
7)     If you choose to coat it with thin layers of chocolate, you have to melt and temper maybe around 200 g. of chocolate.  Using a toothpick or a fork, dip the scooped and rolled ganache into the tempered chocolate. Then place it on a tray lined with wax paper (do not let them touch each other).  Let the truffles set in room temperature first for a few minutes before you chill it inside the refrigerator.  If the truffles are cooled rapidly, the shells will crack and it will not also have the luster a good tempered chocolate has.

This recipe will yield around 60-70 pieces