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Creamy Cocoa-Tea Drink

We had pandesal, ham, and egg for breakfast last Saturday which I paired it with a hot cocoa drink.  Here’s the recipe for our creamy cocoa-tea drink J
For the pandesal recipe, click this.
Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (Hershey’s) – 1 tbsp
Tea Water, hot or cold – 200 ml (see Tea Water for the recipe)
Non-dairy Creamer – 2 tsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Mix all of the ingredients together until homogenous and you get a smooth lump less drink.
Serve and enjoy J

Good for 1 serving . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used. 
Calories :  78 kcal
Total Fat:   1.9  g.
Cholesterol :  0 mg.
Saturated fat : 1.4 g.
Protein :  0 g
Trans fat  :  0 g.
Sodium : 0 g.
Dietary fiber :  2 g.
Carbohydrate : 17 g.
Sugar  : 12.6 g.

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