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Cooking Terms – K to L


Kahlúa – A coffee-flavored liqeuer made inMexico.
Kalamata Olives– A dark purple, fruity Greek olive.
Kamut– A high protein wheat variety. Kamut has a higher nutritional value than present-day wheat, but it hard to find, used mainly in pastas, puffed cereal, and crackers. It may be found in health food stores.
Kebab – Cubes of meat, fish, shellfish or vegetables cooked on a skewer.
Kernel Paste –  A nut paste, similar to almond paste, made of apricot kernels and sugar.
Ketchup – A thick and spicy tomato sauce, ketchup is also known as catsup. It may be used as a condiment or an ingredient.
Key Lime Pie– A pie, similar to lemon meringue, made with the tart, yellowish Key limes fromFlorida.
Kidney – Kidneys are a pair of glandular organs in the abdominal cavities of mammals and reptiles. Calf’s and lamb’s kidneys are amongst the most delicate. Pig’s kidneys are larger and coarser. To prepare remove the outer membrane and the central core. Usually sautéed or grilled.
Kielbasa – Also known as kielbasy, kielbasi, or Polish sausage. Kielbasa is a seasoned, smoked sausage usually made from pork and (sometimes) beef. It is flavored with garlic and other spices. Can be served cold or hot.. It is usually sold precooked.
Kilo” –  Prefix in the metric system meaning “one thousand.”
Kimchee is a spicy-hot, extraordinarily pungent condiment that is served at almost every Korean meal. It’s made of fermented vegetables — such as cabbage or turnips — that have been pickled before being stored in tightly sealed pots or jars and buried in the ground.
Kirsch A clear alcoholic beverage distilled from cherries.
Knackwurst – A German smoked cooked sausage made from beef and/or pork and saltpetre to give it its pinkish colour. It is shorter and larger in diameter than a frankfurter and is highly seasoned with garlic. Eaten grilled or poached
Knead– A technique used to mix and work dough, usually using the hands. Dough is pressed with the heels of the hands, while stretching it out, then folded over itself. Kneading involve the process of pummelling and working dough in order to strengthen the gluten in the flour and make the dough more elastic, thus giving a good rise.  Also applies to pastry making, the dough is kneaded on a lightly floured surface to give a smooth and elastic pastry, making it easier to roll and ensuring an even texture after baking.  In both cases, the outside of the dough is drawn to the center
Knock back – the term used for a second kneading after the dough has been allowed to rise.  This is done to ensure an even texture and to disperse any large pockets of air.
Kosher– Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.
Kudzu or Kuzu– A Japanese thickener made from the root of the kudzu vine. It produces a light, transparent sauce, and is usually mixed with water before adding to a mixture.
KugelhopfA type of rich, sweet bread or coffee cake usually made in a tube-type pan.
Kumquat – A fruit which looks like a tiny orange. The rind is sweet and the flesh is tart. The fruit can be eaten rind and all, but it’s most often found pickled, candied, in preserves or marmalade.
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Lady Baltimore Cake – A three-layer white cake with a filling typically made with raisins, pecans, and sometimes other fruits, then covered with a fluffy white frosting. The cake was first mentioned by Owen Wister in his 1906 novel Lady Baltimore. According to legend, a woman from Charleston, SC actually gave Wister such a cake.
LadyfingerA small, dry, finger-shaped sponge cake or cookie.
Lane Cake – Another popular Southern cake, Lane cake is a white or yellow cake layered filled with a mixture of coconut, fruit, and nuts then covered with a fluffy white frosting. The cake originated inClayton,Alabama, where creatorEmma Rylander Lane won a prize for it in the state fair.
Lard – Rendered, melted down and clarified pork fat. Lard is a solid white fat with a distinctive flavour and a high smoking point.
As a verb, to lard is to insert strips of fat into uncooked lean meat (such as venison) to tenderize and add flavor.
Larding – Threading thin strips of fat, usually pork, into a large joint of meat to keep them form drying out during cooking. A larding needle is usually used. The fat should be chilled to make it firm and can be seasoned or sprinkled with parsley.
Laverbread – is a Welsh method of preparing and serving purple seaweed Porphyra umbilicalis or Porphyra laciniata also known as nori this a brown looking and fine and silky it was traditionally served mixed with a little oatmeal and fried in bacon or fat. Often dried first then soaked and washed thoroughly, wrung dry, then boiled in seawater for several hours, sometimes with a little vinegar. It is then drained and minced, it is black in appearance The seaweed is often imported dried fromScotland. It can be mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper and served on toast or added to chicken stock and liquidised.
There are various versions of laver sauce, where the laver bread is heated in butter with a squeeze of seville orange or added to bechamel and served with lamb.
Lean Dough – A dough that is low in fat and sugar.
Leavener – An ingredient or agent used to lighten the texture and increase volume in baked goods. Baking powder, baking soda, and yeast are common leaveners.
Leavening – The production or incorporation of gases in a baked product to increase volume and to produce shape and texture.
Liaison – A mixture of egg yolks and cream added to a soup or sauce to enrich and thicken it at the end of cooking. Velouté derives its name from the velvety finish that a liaison imparts to it.
Linzertorte A tart made of raspberry jam and a short dough containing nuts and spices.
Liqueur – A sweet alcoholic drink usually served after a meal. Liqueurs are usually flavored with aromatic ingredients such as nuts, fruits, flowers, or spices, and are frequently used in baked desserts and dessert sauces.
Liter –  The basic unit of volume in the metric system; equal to slightly more than a quart.
Lychee – can be spelled litchi – a chinese fruit also grown in the far east, theUS andWest Indies – The knobbly shell can be easily removed as can the stone. The flesh is white with a pinkish tin when ripe. Also available tinned or in an overripe form when they turn black. Can be served on their own, in fruit salad , with cream or ice-cream or as part of a meat and fish dish. The flavour is perfumed and slightly musky.