myFresha-licious: COOKING TERMS – G


Galantine – A dish made with poultry, game, pork, veal or rabbit mixed with forcemeat and pressed into symmetrical shape. They are cooked in aspic stock and then glazed with aspic. Usually served as an entrée.
Galette – A flat round cake of variable size. Galettes can be made of pastry, cereals, potatoes, nuts, marzipan, shortbread etc.
Game – All wild animals and birds that are hunted. Game is generally divided into furred and feathered categories. Hunting is usually confined to certain seasons that allow the animals to breed and prevent extinction.
Ganache – A rich and creamy chocolate icing, used to frost or fill a cake or torte. It is made of sweet chocolate and heavy cream
Garam Masala – An Indian term meaning warm or hot. Garam masala is a blend of up to 12 spices, which may include black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin cardamom, dried chilies, fennel, mace, nutmeg, and other spices
Garlic – A bulb made up of sections of “cloves.” Garlic is closely related to the onion.
Garnish – To decorate food or the dish on which food is served
Gastronomy – The art and science of fine dining, fine food, and drink
Gateau (gah toe)-  French word for “cake.”
Gaufre (go fr’)-  French word for “waffle.”
Gelatinization  The process by which starch granules absorb water and swell in size.
GelatoItalian ice cream
Genoise (zhen wahz)- A sponge cake made with a batter containing melted butter.
Germ – The plant embryo portion of a grain kernel.
Ghee – A clarified fat originally made from buffalo milk. Ghee is commonly used in indian cookery.
Giblets – The heart, neck, liver, and gizzard of poultry
Ginger – the underground root or rhizome of an iris like plant. Ginger has a peppery, spicy flavour, a warm sweet aroma and a hot biting flavour. Ginger is available in fresh root form, ground, crystallized, and candied
Glaze – (1) A shiny coating, such as a syrup, applied to a food. (2) To make a food shiny or glossy by coating it with a glaze or by browning it under a broiler or in a hot oven.
Gliadin –  A protein in wheat flour that combines with another protein, glutenin, to form gluten.
Gluten – 1) A protein in flour that developes elasticity when kneaded, this is desirable in bread as it helds trap the carbon dioxide in the dough and enables it to rise with less risk of collapsing. Strong flour is high in gluten.  2) An elastic substance, formed from proteins present in wheat flours, that gives structure and strength to baked goods.
Glutenin –  See Gliadin.
Goat – Goat meat has been eaten in many countries for centuries, and is gaining popularity in the U.S. and Europe. Most goat meat comes from kids–goats under 6 months old. Kid meat is as tender and delicate as lamb
Goulash – a beef stew or soup of hungarian origin made with parprika and onions. Named after the keepers of the Magyar oxen – Gulyas. Nowadays Goulash is often prepared with a roux based thickening but this is probably an Austrian or French variant. Usually served with potaoes or small quennles of egg pasta csipetke or Spätzle.
Gram –  The basic unit of weight in the metric system; equal to about one-thirtieth of an ounce.
Granite (grab nee tay –  A coarse, crystalline frozen dessert made of water, sugar, and fruit juice or another flavoring.
Grate – To cut food into small shreds or particles, usually with a food grater.
Gratin dish – A shallow baking dish or pan, usually round or oval in shape.
Gravy – 1) A sauce made with a base of meat juices combined with liquid and thickener, such as flour. Gravy may also consist of simply meat juices. 2) the diluted juices from a roast joint of meat, poultry or game. It is clasically served unthickened and known as jus rôti, but many prefer the thickened varieties.
Grease – (verb) To spread fat (or non-stick cooking spray) on a cooking utensil or pan to prevent food from sticking. To grease and flour means to grease the pan then dust with flour. The flour is sprinkled into the greased pan then the pan is shaken to distribute evenly before inverting and discarding the excess.
Greaseproof / waxed paper – paper that tends to be relatively non-stick and which is used to line tins/pans to prevent cakes and puddings from sticking.  And for wrapping food such as packed lunches or fatty foods.
Grenadine – A sweet red, pomegranate-flavored syrup sometimes made from pomegranate juice, but often made with other fruit concentrates. Grenadine often contains alcohol.
Grill – A quick, dry heat cooking method over charcoal, wood or gas flames. Used for more tender cuts. Less tender cuts can be used if marinated.
Grillade – A Creole dish of pounded round steak served in a sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables, and traditionally served with grits. Grillade is also a French word meaning grilled or broiled food.
Grind – To reduce food to small particles, as in ground coffee, ground beef, or ground spices. A variety of instruments may be used, including mortar and pestle, meat grinder, pepper mill, and food processor.
Grits – Though the word “grits” can refer to any coarsely ground grain, it is commonly used to mean hominy grits. Grits may be cooked in water or milk, usually by boiling or baking. Grits are usually eaten as a cereal or side dish.
Grouse – A small, low-fat game bird. Quality birds should have no odor.
Guinea Fowl – A relative to the chicken and partridge, the female (hen) makes better eating than the male. The taste has been described as “pleasantly gamey.” Guinea fowl were raised and eaten by the Greeks and Romans.
Guava – A sweet, fragrant tropical fruit. Guavas are oval, about 2 inches in diameter, and color ranges from yellow to bright red. The ripe fruit is often used in jams, preserves, juices, and sauces.
Gum Paste: -A type of sugar paste or pastillage made with vegetable gum.
Gumbo – A Creole stew, Gumbo is usually made with tomatoes, okra, and other vegetables and meats. Gumbo usually starts with a roux as the thickener, and filé powder is often added just before serving.
Gyro – A Greek dish consisting of finely chopped meat molded around a spit and roasted. The meat is then sliced and served in pita bread, usually with a cucumber-yogurt sauce.