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Calamansi Iced Tea

Filipinos love to drink iced tea, particularly, instant tea flavored drinks.  And when we say iced tea, what comes to our mind (at least for us) is nestea.  Nestea iced tea is a product of nestea.  It’s the most acceptable flavored iced tea powdered drink for us, specially for my sister Kristine.  It is available in most supermarkets, groceries, and stores in the Philippines.  And it has become more affordable to almost all household in its small sachet packaging.  We like Nestea iced tea’s classic plain flavor but it also comes with added lemon, calamansi, and any other flavor available.

Singapore is also selling nestea iced tea but only the bottled or canned liquid drinks.  The powder type is not available.  But Nestea iced-tea powdered drink is also available in Singapore but can be bought only from stores in lucky plaza and sometimes at value dollar or abc stores.  Abs and value dollar stores seldom have stocks of nestea so when we know they have, we hoard for a few packs 🙂

Nestea ice-tea is a regular during mealtime.  We usually add lemon or calamansi and use tea water instead of just plain water to it.  It makes it healthier than just mixing the flavored iced tea powder with water 🙂  Calamansi as you may know has a lot of benefits ( see Calamansi Juice ) including tea. so adding these to the flavored drink makes it a bit healthier and more delicious too.  you can try it


Ingredients :

juice  – squeezed from 6 fruits
Nestea iced tea powder – 2 tbsp
Tea Water of your choice – 500 ml.  (see Tea Water for the recipe)


Mix all ingredients.  Serve chilled or as is.

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