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Brownies II

My first brownie recipe which I based on my chocolate cake recipe was too sweet for adults and lacks the chocolatey taste that I am looking for in a brownie so I decided to make one again.
I read a few brownie recipes featured in books and found in the internet and I learned that water or liquid other than those found in the eggs called for in the recipe is not used.  So I tried again no water this time as compared to my first brownie (see chewy)
I didn’t like the result though, I’m not sure if I used too much oil because it was greasy and the taste of the corn oil is overwhelming.  Maybe I’d stick to butter next time instead of corn oil.  I also learned than in brownies, unsweetened natural cocoa powder is often used not dutch processed cocoa powder because the first has a more intense chocolate flavor as compared to the latter.  Still, the chocolate taste came short so I  need to add more of the unsweetened cocoa powder and reduce the flour.  
The brownie I baked is not crumbly, it’s already chewy but it was too greasy really and I want it to be a little moister.  Shall I increase the egg or add water instead? (sigh) I really need to learn how to make my own brownie formula.  Can anyone direct me to a good book that explains about baking brownies?  I don’t like books that give recipes only. I need EXPLANATIONS on why these ingredients are used and not those.
Anyway, here’s my 2nd brownie recipe. I baked this yesterday as I promised the kids I will make one. I made a few revisions so I put a strike through on the original measurements and one ingredient.  I will try this again next time


Yield: two 8-inch diameter brownie


Baker’s Percentage (%)
Weight in Grams (g.)
All Purpose Flour
(100) 90
Unsweetened Natural Cocoa Powder (Hershey’s)
(50) 60
Baking Soda
(Vegetable Oil)   
  Unsalted Butter
Eggs, whole
(100) 150
Vanilla Extract
Total Batter Weight
Baking Procedure:
1.  Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl.  Sift them and break any lumps.
2.  Beat the eggs then slowly add in the melted butter (if you want you can still try using vegetable oil).  Gradually add the dry ingredients stirring constantly using a spatula or a wooden spoon until the butter is homogenous and smooth without any lumps.
3.  If you want to add nuts, fold in the nuts with a spatula.
4.  Let it stand for at least 30 minutes.
5. Preheat oven to 250 degrees celsius.
6.  Bake brownie at 180 degrees celsius for 25 minutes or until a toothpick pressed in the brownie comes out clean.
Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per one 8-inch Diameter brownie based on the ingredients used. Slice it into serving portions.  Divide each values below with the number of slices you made to come up with the nutritional values per slice
Calories :  2,405.7 kcal
Total Fat:   118.98 g.
Cholesterol :  816 mg.
Saturated fat :  64.98 g.
Protein :  29.82 g
Trans fat  :  4.8 g.
Sodium : 592.8 g.
Dietary fiber :  27.06 g.
Carbohydrate : 303.5 g.
Sugar  : 200 g.

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