myFresha-licious: Beef & Cheese Omelette

Beef & Cheese Omelette

When I am not craving, I am not in the mood to eat much less to cook 🙁 but I need to eat 🙁  In times like this, the egg is my best friend.  It’s versatile, nutritious and delicious.  So, I made an omelette from the left over beef I had last weekend.


Eggs, beaten – 3 pcs
Beef, ground -100 g
Bell pepper, diced – 1/4 of a whole
Onion, diced – 1 medium
Mozzarella cheese, grated – 50 g.
Vegetable oil – 1 tsp

Cooking Procedure:

1. Place the ground beef on a non-stick sauce pan and pan grill it until it is frying on its own oil and the meat turned light brown
2. Remove excess oil and add the bell pepper and onions. Stir until the onions wilted. Set aside to cool down.
3. On the same pan (washed and dried), heat the oil. Pour half of the beaten egg at the center of the pan. Tilt the pan, with a circle motion, to spread the egg evenly all over the pan. Cook egg under medium heat.
4. As the egg begin to set and thicken, lift the edges to allow the uncooked eggs to run to the bottom.  This method also ensures that the omelette does not stick to the pan. Rotate the pan as you lift the edges to loosen the omelette. Cook until the omelette has set and thicken.
5. Sprinkle half of the grated mozzarella on the center of the egg. Turn off fire.
6. Place half of the beef mixture on top of the mozzarella
7. Lift the 2 opposite sides of the omelette and fold them towards the center.
8.   Loosen and remove the omelette from the pan and place it on a plate.

Do the same with the remaining beaten eggs, grated mozzarella and cooked beef.

Enjoy a great breakfast

Makes 2 servings . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used.

Calories :  379 kcal Total Fat:   22.4 g.
Cholesterol :  343 mg. Saturated fat :  9.7 g.
Protein :  29.05 g Dietary fiber :  0.5 g.
Sodium :  453 g. Carbohydrate :  2.25 g.

– foodformylove(28November2011)