myFresha-licious: Avocado Milk Smoo-tea

Avocado Milk Smoo-tea

High calorie and high-fat breakfast fruit smoothie anyone?

I’m having avocado-milk smoothie for a great Sunday breakfast and yes this one glass of smoothie is high in calorie, high in fat, and high in sugar.  But don’t worry, avocado provides the body with healthy fats that promotes healthy cardio vascular and digestive health as well as it aids in the loss of weight. 

Want to know more about the health benefits of avaocado please see Avocado and Its Health Benefits


Avocado – 100 g.

Full Cream milk – 150 ml

Tea water – 100 ml


1. Put the peeled and sliced avocado in a blender, add the tea water and press pulse to make a smooth puree.

2. Add the Milk and press blend.

Transfer into a glass and drink it as is or add ice cubes

Makes 1 serving . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used.

Calories :  257.5 kcal Total Fat:   20  g.
Cholesterol :  0 mg. Saturated fat : 5.45 g.
Protein :  6.95 g Trans fat  :  0.06 g.
Sodium : 94 g. Dietary fiber :  6.67 g.
Carbohydrate :  15.87 g. Sugar  :  7.87 g.