myFresha-licious: Traditional Champorado

Traditional Champorado

I have posted a while back my easy and simple champorado recipe (see Champorado ) that is suitable for busy people who doesn’t like to rely on instant food 🙂 I’m posting right now my lola and mama’s tradition champorado recipe.

Ingredients :

Glutinous rice (malagkit) –  2 cups

Coconut milk from 2 brown coconuts

Cocoa powder –  3 tbsp

Brown Sugar – to taste

Cooking Procedure:

     Coconut Milk

1. First, prepare the coconut milk.  Great the meat using a coconut greater.  We have the kabayo type at home but normally we just have the coconuts grated at the market.

2. Boil a liter of water or more. Pour around 500 ml on the shredded coconuts.  The coconut milk squeezed from this is called the kakang gata.  Reserve some for topping. Don’t forget to strain the milk to get rid of coconut meat

3. Pour more hot water on the shredded coconut milk, this is the second squeeze. Stain the coconut milk and put it in a pot. You can do up to a third squeeze.  The coconut milk from this second and third squeezes will be used to cook the glutinous rice.

Throw away the coconut meat (feed it to your chicken or pig if you have J or use it as fertilizer)


1. Wash the glutinous rice.  Drain and place it inside the pot

2.  Add the coconut milk from the second and third squeeze and boil the glutinous rice until it’s cooked.  Add more water as necessary. Remember, you are making porridge here so it should not be dry.

3. Add the sugar and cocoa powder except for the kakang gata.  Add more water if necessary.  Stir continuously making sure that the cocoa powder is completely dissolved.

Top with the kakang gata and serve.