myFresha-licious: Icy Orange – CeylonTea Fusion

Icy Orange – CeylonTea Fusion

This is one of our many tea base cold drink.  This time, we mixed freshly juiced orange with its pulps, that my husband Frederick made and ice cold Ceylon tea I brewed last night.  The result – a very refreshing and healthy orange tea drink that is very high in antioxidants 🙂


Freshly squeezed orange juice from 3 medium size oranges (pulp included)

Ice cold Ceylon tea water  – 750 ml

Sugar – 3 tbsp

* Ceylon tea water recipe, (see Tea Water for the recipe)



Mix all of the above ingredients and serve with or without ice cubes.

Makes 2 servings .  Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on the ingredients used:

Calories :   165  kcal                       Total Fat:  0.3  g.

Cholesterol : 0  mg.                        Saturated fat :  0 g.

Protein :   1.8 g                               Dietary fiber :  .4.65  g.

Sodium :  0 mg.                              Carbohydrate :  23.1 g.