myFresha-licious: Apple-Banana Smoo-tea

Apple-Banana Smoo-tea

One of the few fruits that I want my husband Frederick to eat are apples and bananas. And I’ve been literally force feeding him with both apples and bananas by making smoothies.  It’s only through their “smoothie form” that he would agree to ingest these fruits.  So I make sure that I make him apple-banana smoothie using tea water at least once every week . Sometime He makes it for both of us (prodding needed)

Here’s our simple recipe.


Apples, diced – 2 medium size

Banana/s – 1 large or 2 medium size

Tea water (whatever is available) – 500 ml

Evaporated milk – 4 tbsp

*  tea water recipe, (see Tea Water for the recipe)


1. Place the diced apples,  banana, and a small amount of tea water in a blender and press pulse until you produce a smooth puree.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and press the minimum button to blend the ingredients to smooth perfection

Serve with or without ice cubes.

Makes 2 servings .  Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on the ingredients used:

Calories :   188  kcal                       Total Fat:  2.5  g.

Cholesterol : 20  mg.                       Saturated fat :  1.65 g.

Protein :   3.15 g                              Dietary fiber :  .5.95  g.

Sodium :  32.5 mg.                             Carbohydrate :  41.6 g.