myFresha-licious: Vigan Longganisa

Vigan Longganisa

Frederick and I made our own version of the famous Vigan Longganisa over the weekend.  Actually,  I am not fond of Vigan longganisa because most of those I have tasted so far are too sour for my taste.  But since prefers it over the usual sweet longganisa and since we were the ones making our own Vigan longganisa, we can adjust the taste to our own liking. And mind you, this recipe is delicious with the right balance of sourness and a bit of sweetness. And this is healthier than commercially processed longganisa because it is free from chemical preservatives 🙂

Actually, we started with our longganisa making last Saturday.  We prepared and mix our ingredients together, then after curing the meat mixture for 3 hours, I think, we founnd it salty so we added half a kilo of ground pork again, cured it overnight, and when we tested the taste again the following day, we still find our mixture salty so we had to add 1/4 kg of ground pork, cured it again and only last Monday were we able to get the right taste and finally made it into longganisa logs 🙂  Of course if you make adjustment, do add some of the other ingredients also, like apple cider vinegar, sugar and ground pepper.   One other thing, I bought the wrong intestine 🙁  We are suppose to use the sweet intestine but I picked up the wrong packet of intestine at the supermarket that’s why the skin of our longganisa tastes bitter 🙁  Anyway, once the longganisa is cooked, we can just take out the skin and eat the filling:-)


Ground Pork  – 1,250 g.

Pork fat – 250 g.

Garlic, finely chopped – 1 cup

Apple Cider Vinegar – 9 tbsp

Iodized Salt – 3 1/2 to 4 tsp.

Pepper, ground – 3 1/2 tsp.

Sugar – 10 tsp

Sweet Intestine (hog casing)

Curing / Preserving Procedure:

1) Wash the intestines thoroughly with salt.  Rub the internal and external parts of the intestines with salt and rinse well.  Soak it in salt for at least an hour then rinse well before filling it with the meat mixture

2) Mix all the remaining ingredients.  Cure for 2 hours before doing some taste testing to check if the taste is already acceptable.  Adjust accordingly.

3) Cure the longganisa for at least 3hrs before cooking it.  The longer a longganisa is cured, the more delicious it becomes.

How to cook vigan longganisa? Here are different ways of cooking longganisa:

1) We boil it in water then we fry it.

2) We fry it directly specially when we are on a rush.

3) For a healthier way of cooking:  bake it or steam it.

Makes 28 sausages at more than 50 g. each longganisa log.  Here is the estimated Nutritional content per longganisa log based on the ingredients used:

Calories : 119 kcal                 Total Fat: 15 g.

Cholesterol : 37 mg.                Saturated fat : 5.5 g.

Protein :  10 g .                     Dietary fiber : 0 g.

Sodium : 536 mg.                  Carbohydrate : 1.6 g.