myFresha-licious: Tuna-Veggie Spring Roll

Tuna-Veggie Spring Roll

Two Saturdays ago, Airene Sarmiento, Reggy Figer, and I attended a small gathering of COMM-RES alumni in Singapore which was hosted by Mr. Fernando Paragas, our former professor at UP Diliman, It was a small gathering of 15-20 people and it was held at Mr. Paragas’ place inside the NTU campus.  A sumptuous and delicious meal had been served by the generous host, some Filipino he cooked all by himself, some Chinese which he bought somewhere, and of course the tuna-vegie spring roll he made which delighted my palate so much that I copied it 🙂 (I hope Mr. Paragas don’t mind me copying his recipe)

And so here’s the recipe.  Thanks to Mr. Paragas.


Tuna flakes (in oil or water) – 2 cans

Mixed Veggies (corn, carrots, beans, peas) – 250 g.

Garlic, crushed and chopped – 5 cloves

Vegetable oil – 2 tsp

Spring roll wrap

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil for frying

Cooking Procedure:

1)     Drain the canned tuna.

2)     Sauté garlic in oil until toasted then add the drained tuna. Fry tuna until it is almost toasted.

3)     Add the thawed mixed veggie, salt and pepper to taste.  Fry for 2 minutes.  Set aside and let it cool for a few minutes until it is cold enough to be wrapped.

4)     Scoop tuna-veggie and place it on top of a spring roll wrapper.

5)     Roll then fold at both left and right edges, then roll completely

6)     Deep fry the lumpia until it’s wrapper changed in color a bit (don’t wait till the wrapper turns brown otherwise the filling will be toasted.  Drain in paper towels and serve immediately while they’re crispy.

Frying Tip :  Put the lumpia seam down first so that it won’t open.

The dipping sauce is prepared by Aba:

          Lumpia Dipping Sauce


Apple Cider Vinegar

Light Soy Sauce

Ground pepper

Garlic, chopped

Onions, chopped

Mix and serve witht he lumpia

 – foodformylove (26August2011)