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How to Clean and Fillet Saba Mackerel


I’m cooking saba teriyaki tonight.  I used to buy the saba cut into fillet type but then it’s twice as expensive compared to buying a whole saba mackerel soFredericksuggested we buy the whole fish, and so we did.  

Now, I need the saba to be cut into fillet type soFrederickis doing it now.

I’m posting this instruction for my know-how.


Things needed :  

Sharp knife

Cuttting Board



1) Wash the fish thoroughly

2) Cut along the belly of the fish up to the gills making all the way to the head.

3)Splitopen the abdominal cavity and remove the entrails with your fingers. Check the cavity carefully to make sure everything’s been removed.

4) Rinse the cavity well with water. Wash the fish inside and out. 

5) Remove the head.

6) Let’s make fillet this time by cutting the fish all the way to the tail using the fish’s backbone as a guide for the knife.  Make sure you use a very sharp knife.  Set aside the cut fillet flesh side up.

7) Flip the fish over and do number 7 again.

Now we have three pieces, 2 fillets and the backbone of the fish.  I also used the backbone for the teriyaki.  Saba Mackerel is bony.  I tried picking the bones out but it was too laborious so I left it as is.  For the fish head, we just throw them away :-( Next time, I’ll keep them and make fish soup out of them.


– foodformylove(15August2011)

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