myFresha-licious: Hot Chocoffee

Hot Chocoffee

Chocoffee, that’s how I call my favorite hot chocolate with coffee drink.  This actually started when I was still working with Puratos in the Philippines.  It’s a breakfast ritual or an afternoon beverage.  I’ll just mix a sachet of 3-in-1 instant coffee and then add a few drops of belcolade C501 dark chocolate couverture (it has 56% cocoa mass) or the 71% dark chocolate, and presto I have my chocoffee ( I miss those days)

Belcolade chocolates are hard to come by these days, luckily there are still specialty stores that sells couverture chocolates (Phoon Huat here in Singapore / Chocolate lover in the Philippines sells a range of couverture chocolates).  Couverture chocolate are not sold in most supermarkets/hypermarkets here in Singapore nor in the Philippines.


Full Cream Milk – 200 ml

Instant Coffee – 1 tsp

Dark Chocolate Couverture – 5 g. ( around 5-10 drops depending on the size)

White Sugar – 1 tsp


1)  Boil the milk over fire or inside a microwave.

2) Add the instant coffee, sugar, and the chocolate drops.  Stir.

Serve steaming hot 🙂  with Putong Puti , French Toast with Cheese , Cinnamon Bread (My Cinnamon Bread) or just plain bread

-foodformylove (30August2011)