myFresha-licious: Roasted Italian Herb Chicken

Roasted Italian Herb Chicken

I’m not feeling well today, in fact, I called in sick so Frederick did the cooking. He made roasted chicken for lunch. He showed off his Italian herb recipe that he’d been bragging about since he was in Congo.   Aba and Kristine are also back (they just arrived at dawn today) so it’s just timely for him to cook something special like his roasted chicken.

Frederick’s roasted chicken is soft and succulent not to mention that it is flavorsome.  The skin was golden brown but not crispy, however, it’s as moist, juicy, and delicious like its meat.  He marinated the chicken for more than 24 hours that may be was the reason why his chicken was so tasty.  The flavors from his marinade  had penetrated deep inside the meat giving it a very herb-y (sic) and spicy flavor.

The thing about roasting is that, sometimes when I do it, I get a tough, somewhat dry (not to mention that I over-do the roasting until the chicken almost turned black), and flavorless roasted chicken even if I marinated the chicken over night.  The secret according to my husband to make it flavorful is not just on the marinade mixture nor merely marinating it overnight, it’s more on how the marinade or “rub mixture” is applied.  The herbs and spices (the marinade) should be rubbed not only on the skin and cavities of the chicken but also they should be tucked under the chicken’s skin.

For a succulent roasted chicken meat, cook it on low heat until the chicken turned brown.  Then increase the oven temperature to high for a few minutes to achieve a golden brown skin.


Chicken – 1 whole

Lemon, sliced – 1 whole

Apple, sliced –  1 whole

Ingredients for the “rub Mixture”/marinade:



Knorr chicken powder

Garlic Powder

Ground dried leaves of the following: Rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, parseley

Ground Lemongrass

Ground black and white pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1) With the rub mixture, rub all over the outer parts of the chicken including its cavity.  Tuck the “rub mixture” under the chicken skin.  Marinate for at least 24 hours.

2) Before roasting, stuff the chicken with the the remaining “rub mixture”, sliced lemons, and sliced apples.

3) preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.  Then reduce it to 150 degrees celsius.  Roast chicken at this temperature until it turned brown or until the chicken is done. To check if the chicken is cooked, insert a knife into the chicken’s thigh, if the juice runs clear and if no blood comes out, the chicken is done.

4) Increase the temperature to 200 degrees celsius for around 3-5 minutes to turn the chicken skin to golden brown.

Let is sit for at least 10 minutes before serving to cool the chicken down.  Serve whole or chop into bite sizes.