myFresha-licious: Pinapaitan : Frederick's Mutton Version

Pinapaitan : Frederick's Mutton Version

Before we came back to Singapore, my husband promised to cook Pinapaitan for me since I didn’t give him the chance to cook pinapaitan when we went home to Tabuk.  Well, I cooked pinapaitan twice when we were in the province, see my pinapaitan version Pinapaitan (Beef Innards in Bitter Soup) ,  I didn’t give him a chance to show off :D.  So when we get back in Singapore, our first mission is to look for the ingredients for his Pinapaitan specially for the bile juice.

Though, we brought back from the Philippines a few packs of papaitan mixes by mama sita, Frederick still prefers cooking from scratch as much as possible so he wanted the “real thing”, the bile juice in that manner.  Of course, we don’t expect to find pait or pinespes in Singapore but we are trying our luck to find bile juices.  I read from one Ilocano forum, which I forgot the name and I am sure it’s not from pinoysg, that they buy their pinapaitan ingredients from the wet market in Tekka (near little India mrt). And so we went off to Tekka market last Saturday after our harry potter movie date to buy ingredients for pinapaitan and we were lucky to find bitter juice the vendors call “pait”.  We’ve actually been looking for bile juice, and we had asked most of the store owners selling mutton but they were clueless as to what we were talking about.  There’s only one opened beef vendor who directed us as to where to buy the “pait”. The “pait” is packed in a 20ml bottle usually hanged in one of those stores selling vegetables. A bottle of “pait” only cost SG$ 1.60.

“pait” we bought at tekka market ($1.60)
So, there’s only one beef vendor that is opened last Sautrday (that was around past 6pm) so we had no choice but to buy lamb/goat tripe (costed SG$ 8 /kg) and cow’s liver.  The lamb’s liver is far way expensive at SG$ 20/kg than that of the cow’s which is only at SG$ 6/kg. there are no intestines and other innards available so my husband settled with the lamb tripe, cow’s liver, and mutton sirloin.

In fairness, my husband’s pinapaitan tasted ok, he just needs to add more “pait”  to make the soup more bitter next time.  The thing is, the “pait” juice we bought is already salty (how would we know? The writing on the bottle’s label is in Indian letters)  He already added salt to the soup before adding the pait so adding more pait will make his pinapaitan more salty.

Also, the taste of the mutton is so strong maybe we’ll just have to stick with beef next time.  (Just a suggestion Dear 🙂 )
my husband Frederick aka “the cook”


Lamb tripe , sliced in small pieces – 250 g.

Cow’s liver, sliced in small pieces – 250 g.

Mutton,  sliced in small pieces – 100 g.

“Pait” juice  – to taste

Ginger, crushed and chopped – 2 thumb size

Onions, diced – 1 medium

Garlic, crushed and chopped – 7 cloves

Fish sauce, salt & pepper to taste

Oil for sautéing

Rice wash and/or water – 1 inch above the meat

Cooking Procedure:

1.     Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the garlic until it turns brown then add the onions and ginger.

2.  Stir in the lamb tripe and mutton except for the liver.  Let it simmer for  at least 5 minutes.

3.  Transfer the meat in a pressure cooker. Add water and/or the rice wash and “pait”.  Bring to a boil under pressure until the meat are tender.  Remove lid.

If you have no pressure cooker, just cook it in a pot until the meat are tender

4.  Season with fish sauce, salt and pepper.  Add more “pait” if you want a strong bitter taste.  Let it boil for 5 minutes

5.  Add the liver and let it simmer for at least 2 minutes.

We had this for lunch yesterday and it was perfect with boiled okra (lady finger).