myFresha-licious: Papaya & Milk

Papaya & Milk

This a bowel-movement inducer for my sister Kristine but it doesn’t work for me 🙁

Nonetheless for those who are not severely constipated, unlike me, you can have this and for sure you will sitting on the toilet throne after an hour or so voiding your colons 🙂

Papaya, sliced – 500 g.
Fresh milk (room temp)- 500 ml
Honey – 1 tbsp

Mix all of the ingredients in a blender then blend until smooth. Transferin 2 glasses. My sister Kristine adds ice to it. Me I like it non-chilled.

Makes  2 servings . Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used.

Calories :  286 kcal Total Fat:   8.85 g.
Cholesterol :  0 mg. Saturated fat :  0 g.
Protein :  9.8 g Dietary fiber : 4.5 g.
Sodium :  7.5 g. Carbohydrate :  45 g.

– foodformylove(4July2011)