myFresha-licious: Mocha Pancake: Frederick's Twist of my Classic Pancake

Mocha Pancake: Frederick's Twist of my Classic Pancake

Frederick's Mocha Pancake

Frederick made a mocha version of my classic pancake 2 Sundays ago (see My Classic Pancake).  It came out short of what he really wants to achieve- a pancake with mocha flavor.  The batter was also watery because he used additional water to dissolve the instant coffee instead of just using the liquid in my classic pancake recipe.  Also, for the dry ingredients, if you add coffee or cocoa or any additional dry ingredients, make sure that the total flour weight  will still be the same to achieve the same result (almost) as the base recipe

(previous flour weight = revised flour weight + coffee)

The recipe below is already revised.


All purpose flour – 195 g.

Instant coffee – 5 grams

Baking Powder  (Bake king) – 15 g.

White Sugar – 50 g.

Salt (iodized) – 4 g.

Full Cream Milk – 300 ml

Egg – 1 medium

Sunflower oil – 45 ml

Vanilla Essence (Bake King) – 2 tsp

Cooking Procedure :  Follow the cooking procedure in  My Classic Pancake

1) Mix well all the dry ingredients together. Sieve it together.

2)  Add the  milk, vanilla essence and egg, except oil and beat in one direction using a wire whip until the mixture is homogenous and free of lumps.  If you have an electric cake mixer, use it.

2) Add the oil, beat again and let stand for at least 30-45 minutes to allow the baking powder to react with the rest of the ingredients.

3) Grease the pan with oil and heat it. Better use a non-stick pan for easier and more convenient frying. Reduce heat to medium.

4) Scoop desired amount of batter into the pan, ½ cup maybe depending on the size of pancake you want, and allow to form a round disc.

5) Let the bubbles form on the pancake.  When the edge of the disk turned brown, and when there are no more bubbles forming, flip the pancake over and cook the other side until it turns brown.

6) Do this with the rest of the remaining batter.

This time, this is best served with butter only