myFresha-licious: Jack Daniels Chocolate by Goldkenn

Jack Daniels Chocolate by Goldkenn

Jack Daniel's Chocolate

Last April 2011,  my husband brought me a liquor filled chocolate as pasalubong – A chocolate filled with Jack Daniels whiskey by Goldkenn.  He bought this at one of those duty free shops either in Kenya or Hongkong or Dubai.  He knows that I am fond of dark chocolates (not so much of milk chocolates though) but I never mentioned to him that I love chocolates with liquors hehehe.

I’ve tasted liquor chocolates decades ago way back in my college days but not until I worked at Puratos did I appreciate and loved the delicateness and intricacies of  combining alcohol and chocolates to achieve that enchantingly and addictively exquisite luscious taste. (I was not that into alcoholic drinks way back then – in short hindi pa ako masyadong manginginum noon hehehehe)  Thanks to Puratos and it’s Belgian Chocolate line (Belcolade)

Anyway, Jack Daniel’s Chocolate is made from Goldkenn’s premium swiss milk chocolate that is filled with Jack Daniel´s Tennessee Whiskey .  This chocolate bar is wrapped in a gold foil with all four corners sealed.  It is cased in a cardboard box that comes with the Jack Daniel’s Logo.  The box is the exact replica of the Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle label.  I actually thought that the chocolate is manufactured by Jack Daniel’s not until I saw the small emblem of Goldkenn.

The chocolate is molded in a flat bar form with bubble-like domes protruding in the middle containing the solidified sugar syrup with jack daniels whiskey (2 domes horizontally and 5 domes vertically).  Supposedly, like most commercially produced liquor chocolates, this JD chocolate might have/could have used hardened-sugar casings that encased the JD whiskey such that when you bite on it, the liquid whiskey oozes out from the chocolate bite.  With my JD chocolate, however, the sugar casing might have/could have melted and might have mixed with the whiskey that when I bit on the chocolate dome, all I got is that crunchy sugary thing with the taste of JD whiskey.  And it was not fun for me 🙁

So, the next good thing to do is to make my own Jack Daniel’s chocolate.  I’m gonna put that on my to do list. And I have to look for a good chocolate mold to work on 🙂

I just wish I can find a Belcolade retailer here in Singapore.

PS:  Anyone who knows where I can by this chocolate in Singapore?  I promised our ninong Jerome Tumbali liquor chocolate for pasalubong