myFresha-licious: Goto (Mutton Tripe Congee)

Goto (Mutton Tripe Congee)

Frederick’s Goto (mutton tripe congee)

I was supposed to cook Goto (tripe congee) last night since my husband Frederick’s tonsil are still sore making it hard and painful for him to swallow food, but then he beat me to it.  He served me with his steaming hot goto when I got home. The taste is great so I didn’t complain anymore.  It was really delicious that I finished 2 bowls J  Airene’s kids loved it too specially Allen who had 2 servings. 

I’ve been thinking the whole day yesterday as to what meal to cook for Frederick coz it’s a pain to see him having a hard time swallowing.  Congee would be great. Arrozcaldo came to mind but he doesn’t want to have chicken or fish again so I thought of using beef instead.  That made me hanker for goto. It was always my dream to eat goto specially the ones from streetfood hawkers.  I still remember the smell of the gotohan along pasongtamo near the jeepney terminals right after the Magallanes MRT station where a lot of jeepney drivers stop by and eat goto.  The smell of the goto is so enticing that always made me crave for it, but I never had the chance to taste the goto from those gotohan 🙁

As usual, my husband used whatever ingredients that were available in the kitchen and he is not into measuring ingredients as he calls his style “patyamba” (measuring through estimation and taste-testing only) like most of us that’s why I don’t have the measurement (except for the mutton tripe since I know how many is left in the fridge :D) .  And he doesn’t want to share his “special secret ingredient” :X  Our difference in cooking specially when it comes to experimental dishes is that, I record everything from the smallest ingredient to the simplest cooking procedure I made for my future reference, at least I would have a basis in cooking the same dish recipe the next time.

Here are “some” of the ingredients.   Since mutton tripe (tuwalya) is available, he made use of that, and Jasmine rice which is the only rice we have at home.


Uncooked Jasmine rice grains – 1 ½ cups

Mutton Tripe – 250 g.




Fish Sauce to taste

Salt & Pepper to taste

Frederick’s secret ingredient (???)

Water – approximately more than 1 liter depending on how thick you want your congee is.

He added fried shallots and lemon to zest it up and served it with boiled egg and fried porkchop on the sides.  We relished this scrumptious goto with an ice cold regular coke.  Great supper that was for us 🙂