myFresha-licious: Frederick's Coke Lemon Twist

Frederick's Coke Lemon Twist


My husband is fascinated with limes and lemons.  He just loves to add them in any food and drinks he wants.  Last night he told me that one of his favorite drinks which he learned in DR Congo is adding lemon juice to coke.   He said that the lemon juice enhances the taste of the coke giving it a more refreshing twist.  Does it? I haven’t tried it yet.

It may not be a new idea since pepsi has its cola plus lemon which they call pepsi twist and coke has it’s cola plus lemon which they call coke lift (if I’m not mistaken)

It is also a good idea to add lemon to coke.  I read that lemon lowers down the GI in food with high GI (glycemic index).  Coke is a high GI drink so adding a squirt of lemon may lower down it’s GI J making it a bit healthier

Here’sFrederick’s Coke lemon twist:


Ingredients :

Coke, regular – 250 ml

Juice from a slice of lemon



Just squeeze the lemon juice directly to the coke then drink


– foodformylove(27July2011)