myFresha-licious: Black Chicken Couscous Porridge

Black Chicken Couscous Porridge

Cooked porridge for supper since Frederick still has difficulty swallowing.  His tonsils are still sore and inflamed and he’d been complaining of pain all day.  So I used couscous for porridge instead of rice and had black chicken for, well, variety 🙂  Black chicken of course is tastier and more nutritious (high in antioxidants) as compared to the regular chicken (see my entries on black chicken for the health benefits of black chicken :A Bowl of Black Chicken Soup Anyone?


Couscous  – 100 g.

Black chicken, cut into serving pieces – 300 g.

Carrots, minced – 2 medium

Garlic, chopped – 5 cloves

Onion, diced – 1 medium bulb

Ginger, crushed and diced – 1 thumb size

Knorr chicken powder – 3 tsp

Fish Sauce – to taste

Ground Pepper

Water – 1 liter

Vegetable oil

Cooking Procedure :

1) In a pressure cooker, saute Garlic, onion, ginger, and the chicken.

2) Add the carrots, water and the couscous and pressure cook it for 15 minutes.

3) Season and let boil for a few more minutes


**nutritional values not available