myFresha-licious: Threadfin Fish Head Noodle Soup

Threadfin Fish Head Noodle Soup


I’ve been thinking about what to cook for lunch today ever since last night.  I bought fish head (threadfin) yesterday for no reason and I was left with the problem of what to do with it when I got home. I don’t want sinigang or pinangat AGAIN 🙁 nor ginataan (cooked with coconut milk) or curried AGAIN nor sarciado or escabeche because i’m trying to avoid oily and fried food.  So i was thinking of inlambong (plain boiling) but that seems to be boring.  And also, I have no idea how the fish will taste when I just boil it plainly 🙁

Then I thought of the fish noodles that foodcourt hawkers  sell. Why not? That gave me the idea of what exactly I need to do.  I found a few grams of yee mee left over from my last pancit (noodle) dish.  Then I was able to foraged some chicken broth from (Alma, Ais’ helper) which was salty so I have to dilute it with 5 cups of water, see below recipe. That’s good enough.  So I went ahead on my experiment 🙂


Threadfin Fish Head – 2 pcs (450 g.)

Yee mee (dried egg noodle) – 75 g.

Garlic, crushed and chopped – 5 cloves

Onion, diced – 1 medium

Ginger, crushed and diced – 1 thumb size

Xiao Bai Cai (pechay) – 250 g.

water – 5 cups

chicken broth – 1 cup

Pepper to taste

sunflower oil – 1 tsp

Cooking Procedure:

1) Sauté Garlic and ginger in 1 tsp of sunflower oil.  Add the onion when aroma starts to be released.

2) When the onion wilts, add the fish head.  Stir and simmer for 5 minutes.

3) Add all the liquid ingredients and let it boil for 5 minutes.  Add the veggies and let it boil again until the veggies wilted.

4) Scoop out the chicken and veggies.  Set aside.

5) Add the noodles, ground pepper, and salt to taste if needed.  Cook noodles.

6) Put back the fish and veggies.  Remove from fire.

Serve hot.  This dish turned out  delicious 🙂 and the fish is not as fishy as I was expecting it to be.

This recipe makes 2 servings.

Estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on ingredients used.  The sodium content however, does not include those found in the chicken broth.

Calories :  436 kcal                 Total Fat: 14.2 g.

Cholesterol : 141 mg.              Saturated fat :  2.4 g.

Protein :  45.6 g                      Dietary fiber :  2.3 g.

Sodium : 139 mg.                   Carbohydrate :  29.1 g.

– Foodformylove(5June2011)