myFresha-licious: Orange Smoothie

Orange Smoothie

Orange is a highly potent source of vitamin C and other anti-oxidant compound. See my previous post on orange fruits (A Touch of Health with Orange )

I love to juice this fruit or make a smoothie out of it.  In fact I sometimes have an orange smoothie for breakfast or I blend it with other fruits available.  Here’s one orange smoothie I usually have for breakfast


Orange fruit – 2 medium

Water enough to make 500 ml of smoothie


1) Wash the orange thoroughly by scrubbing it with a dishwashing scrub and soap and rinse it in running water.

2) Slice the orange into small pieces (include the peel) add water and blend.

Serve as is or with ice cubes.  I like the blend of bitterness (i believe from the peel), the sourness, plus the sweetness.  nice 🙂

This makes 1 serving.  Below is the estimated Nutritional content per serving :

– Foodformylove (6June2011)