myFresha-licious: Orange & Kiwi Shake

Orange & Kiwi Shake

Here’s a powerful anti-oxidant for breakfast.  If you do not know how powerful these fruit combinations are, better read my post on kiwi (Kiwi for Breakfast) and orange (A Touch of Health with Orange). 



Kiwi fruit -  1 whole fruit

Orange – 1 whole fruit

Soya milk, unsweetened – 200 ml

Ice cubes –  enough to make 500 ml of smoothie

Honey – 1 tbsp


Peel of the kiwi fruit and orange then process all ingredients in a blender.

Estimated Nutritional content per serving :  this recipe yields 1 serving.

W/out honey   Calories : 205  kcal.

W/ honey:   Calories : 305  kcal.

– Foodformylove(14June2011)