myFresha-licious: Japanese Chicken Wrap

Japanese Chicken Wrap

I’m tired of my usual wrap recipe. I find the taste boring already.  I’ve been thinking of Japanese food lately.  Well, I plan of cooking beef gyudon tomorrow and not now because I’m already tired with my room cleaning. I’ve been cleaning my room and re-arranging the furnitures since this morning. It’s now 6 pm and I’m already hungry.

I’ll continue this post later.  I’ve got to forage through the fridge for something to eat. I’m already tempted to eat chocolate and some sweets.  Those are the only ready-to-eat food I’ve got 🙁

Continuation after supper 🙂 Just had a very tasty Japanese chicken wrap for supper. This is a really delicious wrap with the refreshing & relaxing effect of wasabi.  Yes, I always find wasabi very refreshing and sinus relieving :-)  And of course I named it “Japanese” because of the wasabi :D.  One thing is missing though – COKE! huuuuwwwwaaaa (sniff sniff) I haven’t had a single sip of coke for more than a month now 🙁

Anyway, here’s my Japanese chicken wrap


Chapati – 1 piece

Chicken fillet, skinless – 100 g.

Seaweed – 1 sheet

cabbage - 2 leaves

garlic, finely minced – 2 cloves

mayonnaise – 1/2 tbsp.

Wasabi paste – 1 tsp

Cooking Procedure:

1) Cook chapati as directed on it package.

2) Boil chicken in water and small salt.  Drain.  Shred chicken and set aside.

3) Shred seaweed and cabbage leaves.

4) Mix the mayonnaise, wasabi paste, garlic, and chicken. 

5) Fill the chapati with the chicken mixture, seaweeds, and the cabbage.  Wrap and Roll.

Estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on ingredients used.

Calories :   291 kcal                  Total Fat:  10.4  g.

Cholesterol : 82.85  mg.             Saturated fat :  3.8 g.

Protein :   19.42 g                      Dietary fiber :  3.3  g.

Sodium :  333 mg.                     Carbohydrate :  20 g.