myFresha-licious: How to Cook Pork Chicharon

How to Cook Pork Chicharon

Pork Chicharon is a famous crackling snack not only among Filipinos but also among the Chinese, Thailanders, Latin Americans, Spanish, and other Europeans.  Pork Chicharon is usually made from Pig’s skin or pig skin with it’s fat, deep fried until they are puffy and crunchy.  For some,  cooking chicharon also involves boiling and drying the pig’s skin for some time and then deep frying it.

This is my way of cooking Chicharon.  I prefer the fatty part with a little bit of meat.  The belly portion without the skin is good.  I actually don’t like cooking with pig skin because it’s messy and dangerous.  Every time I do frying, specially involving pig skin, hot oil always splatters and spurts that I often get scalded, not serious though.  Anyway, I usually use a wok when I do frying but I sometimes use deep pans if frying involves a liter or more of oil  🙂


Pig fat with a bit of meat or pork belly – 1 kg

Sea Salt  – 5 tbsp

Ajinomoto MSG – 1 tbsp

Water just enough to cover the pork

Vegetable oil for frying – at least 250 ml

Cooking Procedure:

1) Place all of the ingredients in a wok or deep fryer.

2) Cook under high fire until the water boils then reduce to medium fire.  Do not cover the wok/pan

3) Let it boil until the water evaporates living just the oil.  This time cover the wok/pan

4) Add oil if the oil remaining on the wok seems not enough. Just leave alone to fry until the pork turned brown and crispy

Serve with vinegar, chopped garlic and onion, pepper, and chili 🙂