myFresha-licious: Avocado-flaxseed Smoothie for Supper

Avocado-flaxseed Smoothie for Supper

Say hello to my high calorie and high fat yet nutritiously healthy smoothie for supper. The calories are mostly from the fats found in the avocado.  No worries there 🙂 because fats found in avocados are healthy.  There are studies showing that consumption of avocados daily for three weeks helps improve blood cholesterol.  Well, instead of discussing about it further on this entry, I will be dedicating one post about avocados in the next days.



    Ripe Avocado – 150 g.

    Flaxseed  – 2 tbsp

    Organic Honey – 10 g.

    Soya Milk F&N’s No sugar added – 150 ml

    Water, cold – 350 ml


put all of the ingredients in a blender and press pulse.  Transfer to your glass and drink 🙂

Good for 1 person only 🙂 This is very filling and tasty.  The flaxseed provided an extra nutty taste.

Estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on ingredients used.

Calories :  503 kcal                 Total Fat:  29.10 g.

Cholesterol : 0 mg.                 Saturated fat :  3.98 g.

Protein :  11.58 g                    Dietary fiber :  13.94 g.

Sodium : 16 mg.                    Carbohydrate :  37.12 g.