myFresha-licious: Apple-Pear Smoothie

Apple-Pear Smoothie

I usually do not blend fruits with other non-fruit food.  Fruits are believed to be easily digested, that is, our stomach grinds it and absorbs their nutrients in less than an hour.  While for other food specially red meat, it takes more than one hour to digest them.  When fruits are combined with non-fruit food, digestion takes longer which leads to the fermentation of the fruit inside the stomach making them acidic. That in turn causes an upset stomach and farting at the least. 

And it turned out for me, it caused me an upset stomach and a 3 times visitation in the toilet which is great for me 🙂 Of course, I used milk in this recipe which probably had caused the chaos in my stomach.


Apple, peeled - 1 medium

Pear, peeled – 1 medium

Milk - 200 ml

Ice cold water – 200 ml

Ice cubes


Place all of the ingredients in a blender then press pulse for a smoother puree.

Add ice cubes for a more refreshing smoothie breakfast.