myFresha-licious: Mackerel Wrap

Mackerel Wrap

I love wraps,  like shawarma, burritos,  specially those red meats and onions with mayonnaise wrapped in bread – pita, chapatti whatever high calorie wrapping breads available in the supermarket.

I am currently on a special diet and it requires a low calorie and low fat consumption only.  And since I have been craving for shawarma since yesterday or anything wrapped.  I usually have these cravings if I am lazy to cook or to think of what to cook :D  So, being on a special diet and, well, I am lazy to think of anything, I decided to be more creative, be ingenious.  Albeit this is not aSharon’s original “food wrapping” method, somebody before me had already though of this kind too.

Anyway, I have a head lettuce leaves and atlantic mackerel fillet at home, so I made used of that.  The thing is, what about the sauce?  I was tempted to use mayonnaise, something I thought I can’t eat wraps or sandwiches without, but I had proven myself wrong.  I made use of the mang tomas sarsa and it was really delicious.

Here’s my mackerel wrap:



Mackerel Fillet – I fillet around 100 g.

Lettuce leaves, shredded – 4 pcs.

White Onion, julienned – 1 small bulb

Lettuce leaves – 4 big wholes pieces for wrapping

ground pepper



Mang tomas Sarsa – 2 tbsp.

Cooking and Preparation Procedure:

1)     Line the mackerel in a baking dish and drizzle with basil, rosemary, and ground pepper.  Bake for 20 minutes or until it turned brown.

2)     Wash the large lettuce leaves thoroughly and dry.

3)     Layout one large lettuce leaves and fill with half of the baked mackerel, half of the shredded lettuce, and half of the julienned onion.  Drizzle with 1 tbsp of Mang Tomas sarsa. Wrap and roll nicely.  Wrap it again with a second large lettuce leaf.

4)     Repeat the procedure and serve.

The above recipe will make 2 servings.

Estimated Nutritional  content per serving based on ingredients used:

Calories : 141 kcal          Cholesterol : 33 mg.

Protein :  11 g              Sodium : 37 mg.