myFresha-licious: Coffee-Milo Frappé

Coffee-Milo Frappé


Airene’s kids had milo shake a while ago. (milo shake- cold water, some ice cubes, sugar, and of course the milo. Mixed in a blender)

That made me craved for iced milo also.  I’m on my feast day so I can have what I want and my calorie intake for today is still within my 800 kcal limit.  Now, I want milo with the foamy bubbles BUT I don’t want to drink anything too sweet this afternoon so I decided to make coffee-milo frappe J

According to Frappé coffee (also Greek frappé or Café frappé) (Greek: φραπές, frapés) is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee.  Enough for the trivia already, here’s my recipe



Nescafe Instant coffee – 1 tsp

Milo– 2 tbsp

Fresh milk – 250 ml

Hot water – ¼ cup



Procedure :

1)     Dissolve the instant coffee in hot water

2)     In a blender, mix all ingredients then press the fastest speed in your blender

3)     Transfer frappe in a tall glass

Enjoy! I did :-) now the guilt follows 🙁