myFresha-licious: Chicken & Cabbage Soup (Nilagang Manok)

Chicken & Cabbage Soup (Nilagang Manok)

Have you ever tried throwing any ingredients you see in the kitchen in a pot and just boil it until they’re cook?  That’s what I have for my packed lunch today.  I cooked chicken and cabbage soup last night for today’s lunch.  We only have chicken, pork, ground beef, different varieties of frozen fishes in the fridge and a cabbage.  And the only acceptable match I can find for my cabbage is chicken BECAUSE I am cutting down on pork 🙁

So I just placed some chicken thighs and ½ head of the cabbage, some garlic and onion, then water and viola I have my chicken & cabbage soup (nilagang manok in Filipino) and it is tasty despite putting a very little amount of salt.

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This one is healthy you know.  Check the nutritional values that follows after the recipe:


Chicken thighs (skin on) – 4 pcs (around 500-600 grams)

Cabbage (around 300 g.) – ½ head and sliced into 6

Onion, diced – 1 medium

Garlic – 5 cloves


Salt – 1/5 tsp

RiceWash– twice the volume of the chicken

Cooking Procedure:

Boil all ingredients except the cabbage.  When the chicken is done, add the cabbage and boil for a minute then turn-off the fire.

Made 4 servings.

Estimated Nutritional  content per serving based on ingredients used.

Calories : 287 kcal          Cholesterol : 94 mg.

Protein :  16.5 g              Sodium : 173.6 mg.

Reminder: Most of the sodium is found in the soup so don’t try to sip / swallow all the soup.