myFresha-licious: Kinilaw na Balat ng Baka

Kinilaw na Balat ng Baka

My husband is not a heavy drinker but he is a heavy pulutan eater 🙂 and one of his favorite pulutan (beer companion) to cook and eat is kinilaw na balat ng baka.  It’s boiled cow skin with vinegar. I first tasted it last year when we had our vacation in Tabuk. The cow’s skin alone is chewy, sticky yet very tasty.  Here’s his tantiya tantiya  (measuring of the ingredients through estimation only) recipe


Cow skin – 1 kg

Cane vinegar

Onions-red, chopped – 2 medium bulbs

Ginger, minced


Salt and ground black pepper to taste
Water enough to boil the cow skin


Cooking Procedure:

1. Wash and clean the cow skin. Make sure that hairs are removed.

2. Put the water, salt,and cow skin in a pressure cooker and boil it for 30 minutes, start timing from the moment the pressure cooker whistles, until the meat is soft to the bite. Set aside to cool down

3. Mix the onions, ginger, vinegar, salt and pepper.

4. Slice the cow skin into 1/4 x 1/4 inches.

5. Pour the vinegar mixture on the sliced meat. Let it soak for an hour before serving.

Enjoy and drink moderately 🙂

– foodformylove(15April2011)