myFresha-licious: Ginisang Sardinas at Gulay (Sautéed Sardines with Leafy Veggies)

Ginisang Sardinas at Gulay (Sautéed Sardines with Leafy Veggies)

For a Filipino like me, far-away from home, eating sardinas (canned sardines in tomato sauce) is one way of reminding me of where I came.

Anyway, I’m craving for sardinas, and we have 2 cans of red ligo, the spicy kind, we bough from the value dollar store yesterday.  We’ll just add some leafy veggies and viola – a yummy lunch.


Sardinas in tomato sauce, red ligo brand – 1 can (tall)

Onion, sliced – 1 medium bulb

Garlic, crushed – 3 cloves

Water – 2 cups

Bok choy, sliced – 1 bundle

Oil – 1 tbsp

Salt – less than ½ tsp

Ground pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1. Sauté garlic then the  onion in oil.

2.  Add the sardinas and  cut them into smaller pieces.

3.  Season with salt and ground pepper and let it simmer for a few minutes then add the water.

4. Let it boil then reduce the fire and let it simmer.

5.  Add the sliced bok choy.  Simmer for less than 5 minutes.  Turn off the fire.

Serve with hot steaming rice

– foodformylove(28April2011)

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