myFresha-licious: Tender-grilled Chicken Fillet

Tender-grilled Chicken Fillet

I am a fastfood burger and sandwich eater. And despite my low tolerance and
low digesting capability of beef, I prefer burgers with beef patties, either
from carl’s jr or burger king or roast beef sandwich from subway.
Nonetheless, I have learned to appreciate fast food chicken sandwiches when I
got a grub of BK’s tender grill chicken sandwich during one of their promotion
periods and ever since then I got hooked to it.

What I love about the sandwich is that it lives up to its name- tender
grill.  Yes, definitely the chicken fillet filling is tender.  I like
the softness, juiciness and moistness of the grilled chicken and not to mention
that it is tasty.  Well, I am talking about the tendergrill chicken that
BK Signapore stores are serving.  I haven’t tasted those from the Philippines

I have searched for ways on how to grill my chicken fillet the BK
tender-grill way so I could make one at home.  Of course, I love the whole
BK tendergrill chicken package, the tender-grilled chicken fillet, with
mayo dressing, tomatoes, pickles, onions and lettuce on a burger bun dusted
with cornmill (if I’m not mistaken) THAT comes with  380
calories.  That’s the catch.  And for someone who is cutting on
cholesterol and calories, I prefer the ones I can make at home so I could
monitor the sodium and the calories and the cholesterol I could get from my
daily food intake.

Anyhow, I’ve been grilling chicken since it is healthier than frying it, but
then it was never as good as that of BK’s grilled chicken.  It is not even
close, well, in terms of its tenderness and moistness.  I can work out on
the flavor anyway I like it.  Every time I grill a chicken,
regardless of the part,  it always comes out tough and dry especially when
it’s eaten the following day.  Or sometimes, it comes out undercooked in the
inside, with a little bloody pink meat left while the outside portion is
already burnt.  The heat could not get all the way through the inside of
the meat especially when I am grilling chicken with the bone on .  Not to
mention that fact, also, that I don’t charcoal-grill.  I only do grill
meat on a grilling pan heated on top of the stove.  Maybe that’s also one
reason why I can’t get the taste I want for my chicken inasal (sigh…
I’ll deal with that later on.)

Anyway, last week, I was able to find a way to stove-grill my chicken fillet
that will come out fully cooked, tender, juicy, and moist even if it is eaten
the following day.

Here are the Ingredients of my tender-grill chicken. I used the fillet from
the thigh and leg part (that’s stated on the packaging ) with
the skin on. I love chicken skin so I just left it as is.


Chicken Fillet – 800 grams  (I cut it in 4 strips)

Salt and pepper for rubbing

Olive oil

Ingredients for the Marinade:

Sprite  – 160 ml

Salt  - 3 tsp

Cooking Procedure:

1)     completely thaw the chicken fillet if its frozen.

2)     With a knife, pound the chicken on both sides or
with a fork, pierce the chicken on both sides.

3)     Marinate chicken for at least an hour.

4)     Take out from the marinade and microwave for 2

5)     Rub with salt and pepper and drizzle with a
little olive oil on both sides.

6)     Grill for 5 to 7 minutes on both sides depending
on the thickness of the chicken fillet.

Microwaving, which is cooking with moist heat, the chicken at 250 deg
Celsius for 2 minutes is for the purpose of partially cooking the meat, up to
its insides, without drying it.

The olive oil, aside from adding flavor to the chicken, will also prevent
the meat from drying up quickly.

When I have it for lunch the following day, my grilled chicken is still
soft, tender and moist.  My tender-grilled chicken tasted sweet but it
went deliciously well with my lettuce salad.  I just have to experiment
more on spices to add more flavor, next time.


my tender grilled chicken fillet

– Sharosem(16March2011)