myFresha-licious: Simple Fish and Chips

Simple Fish and Chips

I still have a pack of sutchi fillet in the fridge and Its been there
for more than a month now.  I refuse to trash it because I don’t want to
waste food. But, we really need to clean the fridge to make way for new
“food buys”.

I have no choice but to cook it the simplest way I could think of.
Well, I could have just fried it, that’s the simplest and most economic
way of cooking it but I’m already tired of eating simple fried food, and
my jaws just get sick of chewing tasteless fried food sometimes.

anyways, I also feel tired and when I’m tired, my brain doen’t
function well, and I think sluggishly so I’ll just have to make this

Ingredients for the Breaded Fish:

Sutchi fillet

Potato starch

salt and pepper to taste

Oil for frying

Ingredients for the Chips:

Potato – cut into wedges



Oil for frying

Cooking Procedure:

1) Fish :

– Thaw the fish.  Rub salt and pepper on it. then dredge it with potato starch

– heat the oil. Fry the fish fillet for 3 minutes each on both
sides.  Do not wait until the coating turns brown as it will not.

2) Chips :

– Soak the potato wedges for at least 30minutes in water with 1
tbsp of salt.  Water should be just enough to cover the potatos.

– heat oil in a frying pan.  Deep fry the potatoes.

Serve and eat. Dip the chips in a mixture of mayonnaise, chili, and catsup.