myFresha-licious: Ham & Cheese Omelette

Ham & Cheese Omelette

One of my egg breakfast meals again.  We still have slices of sweet ham in the fridge and I don’t know how to dispose of it.  Kristine and Aba do not want the ham because it’s tasteless and bland according to them  🙁  Since I’m planning to have egg for breakfast, might as well use some rather than put the ham into waste 🙂


Eggs-  3 medium

Evaporated Milk – 3 tbsp

sweet ham – 6 slices chopped into bits

Cheddar Cheese, grated – 30 grams

Onion, diced – 1 medium

Vegetable oil – 1 tsp

Ground Pepper

Cooking Procedure :

1) Beat the egg and milk together.  Set aside.

2) Heat oil in a pan over medium fire. Add the onion and saute until it wilted. then add the ham. Scoop out from pan.

3) Mix the cheese and pepper to the beaten egg-milk mixture. Stir.  Add the onion and ham.

4) In the same pan, take out the extra oil if necessary.  Pour the egg mixture. When the egg starts to set, lift the edges of the omelet  while tilting the pan to allow the uncooked egg to run beneath.

5) Flip omelet and cook for a minute.

Transfer to a plate and serve.  Eat it as is or have it with toast

Makes 3 servings.

Here’s the estimated Nutritional  values per serving based on ingredients used.

Calories :   207  kcal                  Total Fat:  12.9  g.

Cholesterol : 130  mg.                Saturated fat :  5.5 g.

Protein :   19.4 g                        Dietary fiber :  .5  g.

Sodium :  685 mg.                      Carbohydrate :  2.3 g.