myFresha-licious: Ground Beef Sandwich

Ground Beef Sandwich

I had a 330-calorie and 55-mg-cholesterol  lunch today.
Yup that’s the estimated caloric and cholesterol value of my ground beef
sandwich I just had for lunch an hour ago.  I need to treat
myself once in a while and besides I need at least 2,000 +++ of calorie
and not more than 300 mg of cholesterol a day to live and maintain my weight.

My sandwich was low in sodium though, as compared to those sandwiches I
can buy from subway and elsewhere.  AND I saved a few dollars.
Imagine spending SG$6.50 +++ for a subway sandwich just to get the same
gastronomical satisfaction I got from my home-made sandwich? :D you don’t
want me costing my sandwich, do you? I’ll give you anyway, my sandwich
cost me only S$ 1.48 +/-  :-)  including the cost of gas I used to cook.
See the savings I made plus a healthier meal?

This too is easy to prepare.  Here goes.


Slices of bread, or buns or anything you have in preference – I had 2 slices of loaf
bread with a label that says, trans-fat free

Slices of Onions -  I had half of a medium sized onion

Lettuce – around 4 leaves

Slices of tomatoes

Mayonnaise – 1 tbsp


Ingredients for the Ground beef sandwich filling:

Ground beef  -  50 g.  (good for one sandwich)

garlic, crushed and minced – 1 clove


1 tsp of olive oil


Cooking and arrangement procedure:

1) For the ground beef filling :  Saute the garlic then add the beef
when aromatic. season with pepper.  Continue stirring until the
beef almost turned brown.  turn off the heat.  place the onion
on top to let the heat cook it partially.  Add the mayonnaise once the
ground beef is cold but do not mix the onion

2) Arrange the sandwich in this manner or any manner you wish:  sliced
loaf bread, ground-beef sandwich filling, onion slices, tomato slices, lettuce,
sliced cheese, sliced loaf.

Bon Apetit  🙂

– Sharosem(17March2011)