myFresha-licious: Adobo : Hot and Spicy Chicken & Pork

Adobo : Hot and Spicy Chicken & Pork

We’ve been having fish dishes for the whole week so I’ve decided to break the monotony last night by cooking something different like pork .   And since I cannot go red meat all the way I have to incorporate white meat to neutralize it’s effect.

My simple analogy on this is that, first off, my stomach will find it difficult to digest a 100% red meat aka pork due to my abstinence from it for more than a week.  This might result to indigestion and further constipation.  If I change 50% of my supposedly red meat intake to white meat, at least I have lessened the digestive difficulty by maybe 25% – deducing from the premise that digesting white meat requires 50%
less of the effort in digesting red meat.

Anyhow, so pork and chicken it is and there’s no other way I know of but to cook chicken-pork adobo.  My brain is not apt to experimenting on new dishes involving these two ingredients so I settled for chicken-pork adobo. Then there’s this “adobo again???” echoing from the back of my mind so I
have to think of something to give a simple twang to my usual chicken-pork adobo.  So there goes 🙂 My mistake is that despite trying to use other healthy ingredients, my love for fatty pork overwhelmed me thus resulting to an oily-fatty adobo disaster 🙁 .   I used the fatty pork part with almost no meat that’s why my sister Kristine and Aba had been complaining that my adobo was too fatty (that was my fault )

Nevertheless, the taste is good – just leave the pork


Pork liempo (belly) – 250 grams  (choose the less fatty
part if you wish)

chicken wings – 6 pcs

Olive Oil  –  2 tbsp

light soy sauce – 120 ml

white vinegar  – 120 ml

Sprite – 160 ml x 2

Water – 160 ml x 4


Chilis – 3 pcs or as desired

Cooking Procedure;

1)     Saute the garlic in Olive oil, stir for a minute
or two then add the chicken and the pork.  Let it simmer until the oil
comes out from the meat.

2)     Scoop out the chicken and set aside.

3)     Add water (160 ml x 2), half of the light soy,
vinegar, and sprite

4)     Cook the pork until tender.

5)     Add the chicken, and the rest of the ingredients.

6)     Cook under medium fire until the meat are done
and all the water had evaporated leaving either a little sauce or just the oil.

This is good provided you use a not-too-fatty but not-too-lean pork part

– Sharosem(07March2011)