myFresha-licious: Adobo : Chicken-Pork

Adobo : Chicken-Pork

Here’s another recipe for Adobo.  My favorite chicken-pork adobo.

As you can notice, I add in sugar to the ingredients.  The sugar neutralizes the tanginess that the vinegar gives.  I am not fond of sour tasting adobos 🙂 that’s why.

Ingredients :

Pork, cubed  – 250 g

Chicken, cut into pcs – 250 g.

Sugar  –  2 tsp

Light soy sauce  – 10 tbsp or 8 tablespoon silverswan soy sauce

Cane or apple cider Vinegar – 10 tbsp

Water              – enough to cover the meat

Soya oil  – 2 tbsp

Garlic, chopped or diced – 6 cloves

Salt and Pepper

For the chicken, I always choose the thigh, legs, and wing parts, and of course the chicken ass (we call it kimmot in Ilocano).  These are the juiciest parts of a chicken.

Cooking Procedure :

1) Saute the garlic, chicken and pork in oil.

2) Let it simmer for 5 minutes or more to allow the meat to release it’s own oil.

3) Take out the chicken and set aside.

4)Add the water (1 cup), soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and pepper, and stir.  Add more water enough to cover all the pork.

5) Cook the pork until it’s tender then add the chicken.

6) Let it cook until all the liquid evaporates leaving only the oil.  Fry the meat on it’s own oil for 2 minutes while stirring continuously.

My stomach is growling and I am salivating on the thought of have chicken-pork adobo, steamed rice and ripe banana and coke zero.  

Huuuwwwaaa I’m hungry.  I’ll just be having fruit juices for the whole day today (sniff, sniff)  What a price to pay just to lose weight and be healthy

– sharosem (4March2011)