myFresha-licious: Wasabi & Mayonnaise Dip

Wasabi & Mayonnaise Dip

This is one of the best and tasty dips I ever liked for any fried, steamed, grilled, or roasted fish, seafoods or pork.  It’s pungent, sour, and creamy nature adds flavor to food making my lechong kawali, for instance, more delicious.

I love wasabi, I can’t eat any Japanese sashimi, sushi, or grilled food the Japanese style way without it.  Actually, for me, it is not Japanese food without the wasabi.

Mayonnaise, is a very versatile ….. what is it? a spread, because I like it in my sandwich as it is? a cream? a sauce? it’s definitely not an oil. Well, we know that it is an emulsion made of egg yolks, oil, vinegar, etc.  but what is it called in general or what food category does it belong?  Condiment? I settle with the condiment. Mayonnaise is a condiment period.  Unless somebody has a better idea.

Anyway, I use mayonnaise in anything and everything, from sandwich spread, to sauce, to salad dressing, to sisig, to dips of my favorite tilapia or lechon kawali.  And talking about dips, it is the best ingredient for dips for me.

Combining wasabi and mayonnaise, this pungent, nose-burning, dip will surely drive you wild.

Here’s the recipe

Ingredients :

Mayonnaise  –  100 ml

Wasabi – 50 ml

Just Mix the two, add salt and pepper to taste.  If you want a milder wasabi taste just use 20ml or whatever amount you deem suitable to your palate.

All set and ready for my lechong kawali

– Sharosem(28February2011)